The Best Multi-Messenger I have…. Trillian


 Trillian is one of the best cross platform application. Cross platform here refers to both Desktop and mobile (unfortunately not for Linux).


Hosting your website for FREE

    Today creating & maintaining a website is a bit Costlier than your apartment rent. This post is extremely useful for someone who can't host their own website by paying so much to some hosting services.
    The important ingredients for setting up is 'Patience' &  'Time' - at least 1 Hr uninterrupted free time.
    Lets consider using a Windows PC. Before starting up, I'll list some limitations of this method.
  • You'll not get good results if you have an xDSL or upload bandwidth <512Kbps.
  • Your website will be ON only if your computer & Internet connection is alive. ( so, better dedicate a separate PC).

..our Earth..Love it, Live in..


Love & Trust–My recent Encounter




Update: It needs lots of time to draft this post. Wait if you can or just fold the universe to shrink the Time axis.    (Refer Einstein’s Theory of Relativity for further clarifications, haha)





   Recently i saw a video showing cruelty to animals and the way they handle them to get desired “results”. By seeing that, one of my ‘dim bulbs’ in my brain started to glow and i decided to Stop eating  meat, as it is really difficult for a person like me to do that, i decided to do it in definite path,but slowly.

First of all, why am i (or, we) eating meat? The best answer from many (including me) is to get protein and nutrition stuff with yummy taste!!!. Then i googled with some key words like ‘meat alternatives’, ‘protein sources from green plants’, ‘egg alternatives’ even ‘milk alternatives’ etc. and surprisingly i found many vegetarian products which almost balance the requirements that we need from meat.

So, ladies & gentleman, here you go… Jagadeesh will not try to touch meat again, definitely a good news to the chickens .   

Go green… Go Vegetarianism. Smile

The video which is trying to change me is…

Wondering what’s there Inside my ‘Delly’ ??


I was thinking about making a post purely technical, so I'll share about software's, add-ons etc. etc. which i use in my ’Delly’ (Delly is my laptop).

Let me first tell about the Browser

As we all know, Browser is the main door for the world of internet. There are many browsers available with many technical advancements, thanks to “war of Browsers” in the past decade.

I use Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox. Internet explorer is just for viewing a Telugu news portal. 55% of all my browsing is through Chrome and rest with Firefox. I like to use chrome mostly for Google products.

Let me first start with Firefox

Firefox, is really an wonderful browser, especially the version 4, it has many amazing advantages & similarities with Chrome.

  • The first thing i like in the latest version is the removal of that extra space used for naming " Mozilla Firefox” saving my desktop real-estate.



You can find the difference from the above snapshots.

  • I like to use Firefox for logging into my Banking & credit cards websites, not because Chrome has least security but because those webpages rum smoothly with Firefox.
  • All my bookmarks are just a click away.. no more toolbars, menu bar.. which i rarely use those. Pretty clean compared to previous versions of Firefox.


Thinking of Firefox… you should instantly think about Add-ons.

I use & experiment on many add-ons’. But few of them are very impressive like Fast dial, Download status Bar, Ad block Plus, Mozilla’s-Instant preview, speak words & Dash, Scrapbook to name few.

(This section will be updated soon (& regularly) because of  Firefox 4, which is still in beta as of today, & few add-ons’ are really Incompatible)

And the next amazing thing i like about Firefox is… Firefox sync. It saves all information like passwords, bookmarks, preferences, History & Tabs. I don;t like to sync history & Tabs, as i don't have secondary system to browse.


If you are using Firefox in more than one device, Firefox sync is more useful. So, no need to worry, even if your system crashes, you just need to remember the sync key & of course the username & password.

(I will update more as soon as Firefox comes out from beta!!! )

About Chrome in Next post… Good night fellas.

February Updates


Honestly there’s no notable or amazing things happened. But i have an interesting thing to blog this weekend.  So, wait for 2 more days. Smile

Now its time to pollute Mars !!!


I am a regular viewer of the “New scientist” on web. The latest news is –the so called “polluting” scientists are planning to send live microbes to one of the two moons of Red planet Mars, the Phobos.

We humans have a unique talent of contaminating everything, first we poisoned our soils, water, air and even outer space with debris from space stations. Now we are step ahead to pollute near by planets.

Now, the question “ Is there life on Mars?” will be answered by our own stupid actions. The answer is “yes, there is life on Mars because we put it there”.

Instead of wasting such huge money on “exploring extra terrestrials & planets”., why don’t they invest in making earth “Green”??? We dump millions of Gallons of oil into water every year risking marine life. Plastic, which most of the people knows its dangerous to earth, but people still use them and created a vast island with plastic garbage.

I suggest everyone please reduce your usage of plastic and paper. Use recyclable bags for your shopping needs. Here are some tips to “Go Green”, which in turn save our money and our own earth.

  1. Upgrade to Fluorescent bulbs, though they are bit costly to buy they come for at least 3 years when used 8 hours a day. It saves lot of money, when compared to ordinary bulbs.
  2. Turn off your computers at night. We can save a bit by not putting them in sleep mode.
  3. Turn off your lights, an easy one. Turn them off when you are not using them. The benefits are obvious!.
  4. Stop paper bank statements & other bills, it’ll save lots of trees. instead use online services.

….  these are few to follow for now. It’s easy.I’ll be posting many in my following posts.

Once again, Happy new year.. Go Green Greenbees !! Smile

New Year again !!!!


One more year is creeping into my life, even its time for New Year resolutions. My only resolution is ‘ By next new year i should see a change both in my life & career ‘.

My resolution for last new year is exactly the same, but unfortunately i didn't see much of change. At least I'll try to change “stuff” around me.

I’ll frequently update my blog about various things like technology, latest gadgets, Environment etc.. Lets hope this new year bring every one, good options and bless them with ‘green’ thoughts to protect nature around us.

Do i have a creative mind?

Christmas holidays are boring, not because i am Hindu, not because i don't get any gifts  - but i feel like paralyzed by seeing my self all day on my bed. so, chitti (haha ) said to do something useful or for instance write a blog.